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Rick Jenkins has been a stage performer, public speaker, and professional DJ for over half his life. His love of weddings and people comes through in his energy and music.

With over 1000 performances in his resume, Rick has learned the art of human interaction and the magic of creating a welcome environment to celebrate and relax with music. He has performed for some of the countries largest organizations, and hundreds of weddings throughout California.

Rick is a seasoned DJ and music programmer, and can fluidly transform any event into a dance floor full of your guests. Once you meet him, you will feel the love he has for his profession and the clients that he works with.

Rick's favorite wedding memory - It was a wedding of over 600 guests that spanned a 10 hour period. At 2 in the morning there were almost 200 people on the dance floor. The party's end only came because the room's contract had expired. At the conclusion of the dancing, with a large group of their friends and family around them saying their "goodnights", my Bride and Groom immediately left the dance floor and came directly to the DJ booth to tell me that they could not have imagined a better day. It was the moment I always strive for, to be a great part of the client's event and their memory of the day.

Favorite First Dance song - "Forever" - Ben Harper

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